Dan Pye returns with big new single, "Magick"

London-based singer-songwriter Dan Pye has returned with his latest single, "Magick". The new cut is the fourth and final single lifted from his forthcoming debut EP, titled "Funny Way Of Dying Kid". The release is due to drop next month but we're already excited to hear it as a cohesive release as every song he's dropped has been sensational.
... every song he's dropped has been sensational, and this is yet another track for him to be proud of!

"Magick" is one of those deep and brooding guitar-lead tracks that is filled with atmospheric sounds and captivating hooks. Vocally Dan hasn't slipped at all with his voice reaching the high notes, with a dash of auto-tune (it sounds like) added for extra oomph. 

Speaking about the new track Dan mentions - "It's a song about finding yourself through solitude, feeling alienated and withdrawn but through that process bringing yourself back in alignment with your truest self"

If you find yourself in London be sure to see if Dan Pye is performing live as I can imagine the songs are even bigger in a live setting, but for now head on down below and sink into "Magick".