dmora shares nostalgic new single, "SAGRADO"

Spanish singer-songwriter dmora, who's based out of Valdemorillo, has released his third solo release of 2022. "SAGRADO" right from the outset hits you with nostalgic RnB vibes with quirky 90s dance beats.

"SAGRADO" really hits you with its nostalgic tones.

There's something about scratching record sounds in the track, reminding me of the likes of OPM and early Linkin Park tracks (once again, hitting me with the nostalgia). There are also shimmering synth noises with cascading electronically charged drums laced all over the track

It's rather impressive considering dmora has over 30k streams on Spotify alone since he started dropping his sounds back in February of 2021, this new track is rather impressive and will only help him to be as big as his influences Jungle and Micheal Jackson!