Frank Rabeyrolles unveils his new single, "Merry Go Round"

Coming out from the South of France we have Frank Rabeyrolles with his smooth and stunning new single, "Merry Go Round". The Montpellier singer-songwriter's comes with a music video which is as dreamy and is as visually stunning as the track is beautiful. 

"Merry Go Round" is just musically and vocally stunning, a real dreamy lo-fi folk-pop track to get cosy to.

Frank's vocals are so tender throughout and are laced with tones that reminds us of The Beatles' slower music crossed with Ben Hoaward's folk tones.

Musically it's driven forwards by the acoustic guitar and some simplistic percussion that adds to the atmosphere. Added into the track for extra oomph is some psych-pop sounding licks of guitar to help lull the listener into a daydream.

Be sure to follow him on the social channels to stay up to date with his music and live shows, and do be sure to check out his Spotify if you fell head over heels for this track like we did.