Jaxyn Lethe reveals charming debut single, "What Do You Do With No One?"

Boston-based signer-songwriter Jaxyn Lethe has today revealed her charming new single, "What Do You Do With No One?". The new offering is her first release on Soundcloud and Spotify - so it's one of those fantastic debut singles then!

Effortlessly dreamy

"What Do You Do With No One?" opens up with some simplistic percussion that has a taste of the 1980s about it mixed with some acoustic guitars. Jaxyn's vocals are by far the best bit of the track, and when they arrive the whole single gets smooth and mellow, much like a dream-pop track that's been made in heaven. 

It's so effortlessly dreamy and with enough synth, and moments to give it a high-glossed sheen, this is a very strong debut outing for what sounds like to be a rising star on the American dream-pop scene, we can't wait for more!