KABELLE drops atmospheric new single, "Wonder"

London-based synth-pop act KABELLE earlier on this month released their fourth-ever single, titled "Wonder".  The new single is one of those big synth-pop tracks that sounds like it's been lifted right out of the 1980s and has been given a 2020's sheen to it.
"Wonder" is a big retro-tinted synth-pop track that hits the upper atmosphere.

Right from the outset there's some big whiffs of the 1980s disco-scene with thick synthy basslines and soaring vocals. It's in the first verse that the track for me won me over, the mixture of deep guitars in the background with pulsating drumbeats all mixed in with the synthy gorgeousness done it.

Vocally the track reminds me of the likes of CHVRHCES more than anything, which isn't bad as it turns out to be one of their influences of their style and sound. Having formed during 2021 when COVID was still a thing in the UK the trio have been working hard since refining their sound, and it sounds like they have arrived with "Wonder"

With a healthy number of plays on Spotify already it sounds like the trio's stats will snowball in anytime.