Kath and The Kicks drops stadium filler, "Stay Away From Me"

Kath and The Kicks are back with their single "Stay Away From Me" which is their first since 2021's "I'm Alive". The Leeds trio do not even hang about with this new cut, with the track getting right down and dirty from the very first second thanks to the guitars.
Gritty rock and roll with stadium credentials. 

For a rock tune some might say that four minutes is too much, but for me it's not enough as we love rocking out to "Stay Away From Me". There's plenty of sub-genres mixed here, from the punk inspired rhythm guitar to the stadium ready tones of the lead. Vocally it's on par with the likes of Muse, which helps to give it that sound.

With some tunes already in their back catalogue they're certainly the types to know how to create a banger of a tune, so be sure to give "Stay Away From Me" a listen!