Phomea shares tender new single, "Take Control"

Phomea, an Italian singer-songwriter, has recently released his calming new tune "Take Control." The latest track is his second single of 2022, following his September hit "J.B." "Take Control" which combines soft vocals with passionate lyrics to produce a track that you can easily warm up and feel comfy with.
It's one of those songs that makes you want to curl up with a blanket and listen to.

Phomea's new single also features a lot more electronic modifications, as well as some wonderfully atmospheric guitars that you'd expect to hear in a Radiohead song. The blend of a few folk sub-genres is fantastic here; it captures the feeling and your heart - as after you finish the track, you feel partly complete.

With the new tune being featured on multiple Spotify playlists, I'm confident that Phomea's exposure will only grow and more people will find his amazing music.