Plastic Barricades share dreamy AA-single "Lucid in the fall"/"Tallest Trees"

London based Plastic Barricades have just within the last few days have shared their dreamy AA-singke "Lucid in the fall"/"Tallest Trees". The new release is the band's first release since the 2020 album "Self-Theories", and it sounds like it's been worth the two year wait. 

"Tallest Trees" - Borderline perfection with the mixture of guitar effects, hush vocals and cascading drums - very Radiohead.

The lead track on the AA-single is filled with plenty of soaring guitars, as heard in the intro, mixed with some more subdued tones in the verses. Vocally it's very strong reminding me of Manic Street Preachers in places, especially in the chorus, and it's here that the track bursts into light. It's a track that is perfectly mixed with clean production so that you can hear all of the elements bouncing off one another.

The flipside of the single is "Tallest Trees" which isn't too far from the five minute mark, but this one is more of a slow-jam vs it's predecessor. What we have here is more of a slower BPM but keeping those tremendous guitar effects mixed with cascading drums, it's more of a Radiohead sounding track than the previous but what Plastic Barricades has done here is put their own spin on it, and it's one of those tracks that you'll find yourself having a loop stuck in your head - for me it was the brass tonesaround the three minute mark when the track drops, and then you're left with something incredibly groovy.

I can see why Plastic Barricades decided to release these two together, they're borderline perfection- so head on down to lose yourself in the two tracks, it'll make your weekend!