Signal Static drops frantic new cut, "Objects of Affection"

Hailing from Victoria in British Columbia, Canada is the frantic new tune from Signal Static, "Objects of Affection" is the newest cut the trio which follows on from their 2020 debut album "Start Transmission".

Big, bold and frantic, take caution as it's a high-tempo rock tune!

"Objects of Affection" is the perfect balance of hard-rock, punk and grunge with the guitars for one being deep, brooding and in your face. Vocally it's charged with lyrics that you can easily see their fans chanting back in their masses.

The whole tempo of the track is frantic and if you see these guys live be careful as I can see the pit getting lairy when this comes on. With inspiration from the likes of MUSE and Queens of the Stone Age it's no wonder the track's flipping big