Sugar Nova reveals vibrant new single, "Gospel Hour (2 AM)"

Bursting out of Denver, CO is Sugar Nova with their vibrant new single, "Gospel Hour (2 AM)". The new single is their second-ever release following the debut single "Send Me Higher", which saw them get playlisted by some pretty big and popular curators.

"Gospel Hour (2 AM)" brings together quirky indie-pop with tropical flavours.

The ball is now rolling with their project and the duo's new offering for me is going to be even bigger than the first. "Gospel Hour (2 AM)" has an intro that blends together tropical sounds with some quirky indie-pop, and vocally the track compliments it as it's as laid back as the drumbeat.

The laid-back track has a bounce that gets you grooving ever so slightly, and the vocals are so clean and crisp that anyone who listens will sure to be singing it back in no time. The percussion on this makes it for me, there's a lot of drums and samples dashed over the track and even tambourines mixed with snaps gives "Gospel Hour (2 AM)" more depth. It's so tropical the only thing missing is a steel drum!

"Gospel Hour (2 AM)" is their second single from their forthcoming debut album Halogen, coming in 2023 - so if you like this be sure to follow them on Spotify to stay in the loop!