The Pink Nostalgia shares live version of their single, "Flowers"

Last month saw The Pink Nostalgia share the live version of their single, "Flowers". The single comes off the back of the stripped version of the track, and this one once again switches up the pace of the original.
For a live version of a song it's stunning, a real testament to The Pink Nostalgia's capability of performing in a live setting.

The Pink Nostalgia is the solo project of Joseph James and his soft and soulful vocals are evident from the very start, in contrast to the original where they're more mixed into the track, here it's raw and honest.

There's always something honest with live versions of a track or an album and this track is one of them. The track highlights how good he must be in a live setting as the BPM, the pace of the track and even the guitar tones sound just like it's been recorded in a studio, so on point.

You can listen to this, the stripped back cut and the original (and so much more) on their Spotify page - well worth your time if you ask me.