Them Velvet Tongues drop new tune, "Shock Horror"

Blackburn may be an obscure town to most outside of the UK, but the town at least has a Premier League winning team - but now it looks like they have another thing to shout about.

Gritty anthem-rock mixed with dashes of brit-pop sensibilities, it's a furious track to strap in!

Them Velvet Tongues' latest cut is a straight up rock anthem, and when you firs listen it you are blown away with how powerful the lead guitar is, especially in the intro.

Vocally it's a blend of nasally tones mixed with gritty classic 80s rock bands, for me it's a blend of Liam Gallagher and KISS with how commanding it is. The track is one heck of an electrifying cut and I'm sure this will easily slip into their live shows and will be loved for years to come. 

Speaking about the track the band mentions "It's an exploration of pub and drug culture, examining the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the sesh." Out today you can check out the lyric video below, it's a furious track to strap in!