Thy Veils shares expansive new single, "Influx"

Coming out of Timisoara in Romania is Thy Veils with their left-field new single, "Influx". The band has been releasing music for a number of years with the majority of their fans being from their home-land, but since 2021's "Sunvault" they've been picking up more fans and listeners, with every track from 2021 onwards getting a solid amount of plays on the streaming services.
Proper dreamy and ambient with a dash of psychedelia.

"Influx" is both minimal and intricate, and sitting in at very close to five minutes long you've got plenty of time to really sink your teeth into their sound. We've got a very 80s drumbeat that reminds me of Goldeneye for some reason, mixed in with ambient synths.

The vocals are proper dreamy, and with them being laid upon that canvas of sound ensuring that you'll be listening right until the end. If you like this they have plenty more where that came from!