Tom Tippin reveals sophomore EP, "Wasted Melodies"

Nashville's very own Tom Tippin has revealed his sophomore EP, "Wasted Melodies", and my gosh it's jam-packed with five singles over 19 minutes which takes you on a journey of Tom's ever-evolving sound. 

"33 BPM" kicks off the EP with a big and bold sound that reminds us of the late 70s and early 80s rock ballads - think Dire Straights. The EP features two previously released singles "Chance to Love You" and "Hearst Like Ours", which have already been labeled by some as fantastic songs - including us.

Moving back to the new cuts a final couple of tracks really solidify the EP for us. "Who Am I?" is the longest on the EP, clocking in at close to 5 minutes long but features some strong guitar tones, similar to that of The Last Shadow Puppets with Tom's every-so-gorgeous vocals straddling them taking it from a slow jam to one that will make your jaw drop, just wait for the chorus to come in.

"Jesus Christ" closes Tom Tippin's EP and is a rather slow cut compare to the others, focusing highly on his vocal range and songwriting skills. There's not too much over-saturation from the instruments here which is wonderful to hear as it sounds like Tom's written this one to have a long-lasting impression, and it's safe to say we've found ourselves coming back to this EP more than once since initially listening to it!

Tom Tippin - "Wasted Melodies"
Out of 10: 8.5/10