WD-HAN returns with new rock tune, "Straight Lines"

California's awesome, and what makes it even better now is that WD-HAN have relocated there from Florida, they have also today returned with their new rock tune, "Straight Lines".

Having changed from high humidity to low humidity you'd expect the band to have possibly changed their style, but the only thing we can work out is that they sound bigger and better than ever!

WD-HAN are back and boy are we excited for more!

"Straight Lines" is a moody rock anthem taking some inspiration from Hard-Rock to Blues-Rock with some comparisons being drawn instantly to that of The Black Keys, but with more oomph in the chorus. It's there in the chorus where the band shines brightest, you've got soaring vocals with some gospel-like backing vocals adding to the atmosphere of it all, and don't forget about the screaming guitars!

The backline on the track is solid too, and considering they're just a trio the sound within is mad. WD-HAN are back and boy are we excited for more tunes like this!