Aversions drops anthemic new cut, "New Whip"

Vancouver-based trio Aversions earlier on this month dropped their anthemic new cut, "New Whip". The track is the first slice of new material since they released their well received EP "Sharp Left Turns" back in January of this year.  Since the release earlier in the month it's shot to the top of their Spotify artist page as the most played track, and for good reasons too.

This song is a massive tease of what's to come!

It's a fine blend of angsty punk vocals mixed with dark-wave tones hears in The Smiths, all the while finished off with tones that shout mosh-pit! The vocals on "New Whip" are very commanding, you can easily see a field of fans chanting this back to them during a sunset with flags waving. Instrumentally the dark-sounding guitar is what makes it for me, a bit Fontaines D.C. and Joy Division in places.

The track is set to be a part of a wider release in 2023, so if you have a taste of their sound be sure to stick around and follow them on the socials - when this drops it could be huge.