Get your groove on with Jane Leo's track, "Big Life"

Back in October Jane Leo shared their new EP, titled "Big Life" the lead track of the EP - also called "Big Life" has recently got us grooving all over the place, and what better way to share the love with an article.

A blend of art-rock, alt-pop and commanding vocals - we love it!

The band is a duo from Austin, TX and they've only been releasing music via Spotify since mid-2021 but since then they have smashed past the 100k play mark on their debut single alone - translation, they're pretty impressive.

With that knowledge stored in your head now you may be thinking, 'ok, so what next?', and what they have is a groovy new cut which is laced with smooth guitar licks, delicate tickles of piano keys and vocals that reminds me of an LCD Soundsystem track. 

Instrumentally the track really drew me in but the deep-ish vocals have a big Lou Reed sort of vibe, and combined with the delicate indie-pop guitar loops we fell in love with this unique track very quickly!