Kalulu drops sensational new single, "Video Disks"

Rotterdamn's Kalulu has returned with their dreamy and atmospheric new single, "Video Disks", which follows on from their "I Bought You Flowers" release back in September. Now with well over 100k plays on Spotify alone the Dutch artist is looking to break into the quarter of a million region, and with the sizzling new track I feel that they'll smash past it.
A sensational mix of EDM and lo-fi elements, "Video Disks" is basically sensational.

"Video Disks" has a bit off a staggered start with quirky synths and voices draped over it, before a quick breath inwards brings it to a halt. It's after a second you're then left with a very expansive sound with clean piano tones, ethereal vocals and reverb-laden percussion giving you a smorgasbord of sounds to discover. 

The track does not dip below sensational throughout, and when the drops come you're lead into them with pitch perfect vocals that helps to drive your opinion from, 'this is fire', to 'wow, sensational!'.

The new single is the second slice of their forthcoming EP, which is due to be released in the first quarter of 2023, so stick around and follow them on the socials - it's going to be mega!