Katie Drives shares soaring new single, "Next To You"

Following on from her October release, "Ghosts", Katie Drives is back with her soaring new single, "Next To You". If the previous single was good then this song is the next level for the Berlin singer-songwriter. 

With a steady intro drizzled with wobbly guitar tones and her vocals it builds pretty quickly with crashing drums coming in not too long after which starts to crank up the tempo. The first bridge gets you ready for what's to come and then when the chorus comes in it's pure anthemic.

Soaring and anthemic pop-rock

We have soaring elements left right and center, guitars are tremendous, vocals are of course still as captivating and it seems even the percussion is taken up to eleven here.

With over 250k view on TikTok Katie is certainly going for it with her music, and with this anthemic new cut now out in the world I'm sure those numbers will only increase at a high rate, so do be sure to check her out while you can!