Kelsie Kimberlin is rising fast with her stunning track, "Right Place Wrong Time"

Since releasing "Right Place Wrong Time" Kelsie Kimberlin has released ten tracks (remixes included), but it still remains the biggest track of her career to date.

Speaking about the track the Washington DC singer-songwriter mentions - " ... "Right Place Wrong Time" is a tune about a toxic relationship and the mental health struggles of many young people in today's world. It is a haunting tune where I play the piano expressing the emotional feelings portrayed in the song."

The track was written, performed and even released all on her own - which is a tremendous achievement on it's own, let alone with the fact the song is flipping incredible too.

Her vocals sound like they should be headlining major national music festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella, the tones she beholds are beyond words. They're a blend of Lana Del Rey's moody sounds mixed with the power of Adele and songwriting that even Freddie Mercury would be proud of.

The combination of reverb-laced guitars with stripped-back percussion brings her vocals to the forefront and highlights what a true star Kelsie Kimberlin is and why she's on the rise.