Laurelight reveals vibrant retro-tinted new cut, "Brighter Days"

Laurelight today has dropped his funky new tune, "Brighter Days". The new release is his second single of 2022 following on from the thick and synthy bop "Open Your Eyes". Based at the moment out of London, Laurelight (aka Lorenzo) is from Italy originally and it sounds like he's put some of that Italian flair onto his music.
"Brighter Days" has big retro 80s sounds with vibrant guitars.

The single has big 80s sounding moments with the initial tones of guitar giving me the vibe that this was unleashed from a time-capsule. Vocally strong and bouncy the tones Lorenzo has seriously compliments the vibrant track, and with the drumbeat being as slick as it is I'm sure people will be bopping and grooving to this song in no time.

Speaking about the new single Lorenzo mentions - "This track is about truly believing that things will get better, no matter what and how long it takes."

Laurelight live shows
03/12 - The Beehive, Bromley by Bow, London, UK
04/12 - The Hill, Forest Hill, London, UK
05/12 - Marlborough Arms, London, UK
10/12 - Giga's Pub, Gazoldo, Mantua, Italy