Little Champion shares new single, "Oops I Got Sad"

Little Champion has recently shared his new single, "Oops I Got Sad", which follows on from his April single "2 Songs" which featured two tracks (who'd have guessed) "Snow Day" and "Holiday". His debut single has since gone on to get over 50k plays on Spotify alone - pretty fantastic for his debut release!
"Oops I Got Sad" is very foot-tapping friendly!

Little Champion is the solo project of Dustin Goldklang, and it was kick-started back when the pandemic started. With his influences being Bleachers, Carly Rae Jepsen and Clairo to name a few, his music ahs huge protentional. Opening the track up is a charming and vibrant guitar line that gets you hooked in before his smooth vocals come in.

There's a nice angular post-punk revival type of guitar throughout the song that helps to keep the tempo of the track very foot-tapping friendly. Considering this was self-recorded/produced it's fantastic, and if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on Spotify to keep up to date with releases!