Neal Sawyer releases stunning new single, "Hold onto Love"

Hailing from Cannock in Staffordshire in the UK is Neal Sawyer and his tender new single, "Hold onto Love". Neal Sawyer is one of those singer-songwriters that has the talent to always be able to create an atmospheric track with plenty of the wow factor.
... you'll be pining for more once the track's finished. 

The opening sequence sounds so stunning it's like a bond theme, smooth piano keys and reverb-laced guitar tones drench the track before his captivating vocal tones come rolling in.

With an album already out on Spotify this track will surely solidify his name in the local music scene, and let's face it well beyond that too. Neal's blend of folk, cinematic guitars and stunning crashing symbols means that you'll be pining for more once the track's finished. 

Speaking about the single Neal mentions- "The lyrics are an honest timeline of my emotions at that moment. I felt ostracised by people and the pandemic. I'd lost work because of the uncertainty of Covid. On top of that was the spiritual moment of being close to leaving this world. While trying to come to terms with everything, doctors spoke about my life as a Type One Diabetic warning me of amputations, blindness and failure of pretty much every organ in my body. Everything came crashing down, I was anxious, depressed and overwhelmed."