Swiss Banks reveals nostalgic new single, "Animals"

Hailing from the fantastic city of Austin, Texas is Swiss Banks with their big new single, "Animals". The new offering is just their second release ever, but when listening to it you'd easily think that they've been doing this for years!

It's four minutes of pure indie-rock nostalgia

The track was released in November of this year but we've just come across it and we flipping love it. "Animals" is very haunting as you might be able to hear from the intro with wailing guitars laced with effects on expansive drum-fills.

When the vocals arrive into the song it becomes even more thrilling, it sounds like a blend of Joy Division's dark tones with a bit of urgency. The post-punk riffs that are dotted in and around the track are heaven to my ears and really elevate the whole track. 

It's four minutes of pure indie-rock nostalgia with enough dark tones to give you chills in the hottest of climates. "Animals" is backed up with another new track, "Getaway", which is a more chilled-out slice of post-punk, and their debut single is the third song on the release.

With a debut album already in the pipeline, I'm sure this isn't the last time we'd be swooning over Swiss Banks's music.