The Drunk Astronomer reveals relaxing debut tune, "Every Body"

Coming out of a small town in North Yorkshire The Drunk Astronomer last Friday released his soothing debut single, "Every Body"

The Drunk Astronomer is the solo project of Nathan Fox and this new offering is the debut release from the singer-songwriter, also acting as the first single to be lifted from his upcoming 2023 EP "Octopi" - due to be out in February.

For a debut single this is almost beyond words, just beautiful!

It's one of those singles that you'll be at ease with almost instantly, his soothing vocals almost caress your ears as soon as he starts to even whisper a note. Musically it's sensational as the blend of soaring high-toned guitars with the acoustic guitar gives it some sort of fragility. There's so many wonderful elements dotted throughout the single, a highlight for me is the synthy noises heard in the choruses, just gives it that extra edge and takes it to new levels.

Speaking about the track he mentions -" ... "Every Body" is a celebration of the human body. In a past life, I trained as a physiotherapist and spent countless hours learning human anatomy. One day, when sat with my guitar, all of this anatomy knowledge came spewing out of my subconscious. It started off as a joke - just listing very basic anatomy facts in the form of a song. But then it grew into something that had some poignancy mixed in with the ridiculousness and simplicity of it."

For a debut single this is almost beyond words, just beautiful!