The Phantom Friends share their new single, "Can't You See"

Just before Christmas was the release of The Phantom Friends' strong new single, "Can't You See", which is their third release of a successful year from the North Carolina-based band.

The single is very synthy in the intro but that does not hang about for too long as the vocals come in and it gets a bit more vibrant. There's a delightful drumbeat that pushed the track onwards and gives it that foot-tapping feeling in your body.

Speaking about the track they say - " ... "Can’t You See" is about getting through to the people you love or getting through to yourself when you know there are frivolous things in the way of your happiness. It’s about clearing out the negativity in your life and saying the things that not always easy to say."

When the chorus comes it's infectious, very upbeat and gives the listener yet another reason to give this band a proper listen. That's what we ended up doing once the track was over, we delved into their previous releases and found more gulden tunes like this.