Band Spectra shares 80s tinted new tune, "Walai"

Chichester's Band Spectra is a solo project of Robert Manning, and they are back with their sonic new single,"Walai", which is the first track since the release of their 2022 single "Human Reciprocator" - and it feels like you've stepped back into the peak of the 1980s synth-pop scene.
Walai" is certainly a track that stands out!

"Walai" comes at you like a pixelated train, with whirling synths, thick bass (possibly generated by a synth too) and haunting electronically charged-vocals - it's one heck of an intro. As it subsides a bit the vocals then enter and you're then left with this waft of the 1980s filling your ears up.

The track really gets into it's stride in the chorus where it feels a bit like Daft Punk mixed with the Scissor Sisters, big electronic moments with memorable vocal hooks. "Walai" is certainly a track that stands out, and with many more tunes coming from this emerging act I can see him doing pretty damn well, so be sure to follow them on the socials and Spotify!