Carson Ferris reveals upbeat new song, "Drive Alone"

We really like picking up on artists in the early stages of their career, but Carson Ferris may be one of the youngest singer-songwriters we've had on here in ages. With well over half a million Spotify plays to his name already he has been picked up by Spotify Editorial playlists and has been booked for music festivals in the USA too!
A perfect slice of upbeat guitar-based pop music.

His new offering "Drive Alone" is a vibrant track that can easily push his music into the realms of stardom, in terms of being the next Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, two other artists who started out young who are now a staple of the industry.

His voice is sensational and can easily hit the high notes, and as a guitarist he is very country orientated with his approach. The new track is more of an upbeat-pop track thanks to the involvement of MYKYL (his producer) and is certainly going to elevate him and his music. SO why not drop down below to discover what could be one of the biggest vocalists in 2030 - we can see it!