Deltawelle drop retro-tinted new single, "Normalitätsvermessung"

Deltawelle today have just dropped their retro-tinted new single, "Normalitätsvermessung". The band are based out of Leipzig in Eastern Germany (could've guessed they're German speaking from the track name) and is the first track from them since the release of their previous single "Alles soll schön sein" .

The track is the second single to be lifted from their upcoming EP and gives you a big smack of retro-tinted joy. 
Deltawelle sounds like they are a rising act in the German music scene

Opening up the track is a weird collection of space-rocket-type sounds before those new-wave vocals come rolling over. Now my German is incredibly bad, having received a C grade on my GCSE back in 2016 I don't remember too much, however from what I can tell from this track is that the vocalist is honest and raw with his delivery.

Instrumentally it's fantastic to hear a German band not going down the dark or electro route, and what they've got here is something that reminds me a lot of Franz Ferdinand angular guitars and urgency mixed with Metronomy's synth tones.

Their EP is out on the 17th of February and they have a show two days before (on the 15th of Feb) at Marie Antionette, Berlin - and they've told us they've got plenty more tunes coming out this year too!

Deltawelle are a rising act in the German music scene, and if you like this join them on their journey over on their social channels - and Spotify if you wanna check out even more tracks!