ema sid shares emotive new single, "almost"

Hailing from Maryland in the USA we have ema sid, a singer-songwriter who only just started releasing her tunes just back in 2022. ema has been writing stories since she was just 14 years old and over recent years she's started to write her stories in a song format. 
"almost" is a wonderful introduction to ema sid, warm and emotive - just amazing.

The new offering acts as her third-ever single and for those who are new to her sound it's a wonderful introduction. The song is incredibly warm, mainly down to her vocal tones, but also down to how the electronic noises just caress them.

It's a fine blend of indie-pop, acoustic and even a bit of folk for those who love emotive lyrics and organic production. Speaking about the song she mentions - "This song was inspired by an quote I saw on one of the social media said 'The most saddest word in the world is almost.' And I knew at that moment how true it was. The whole song was inspired by that and also some of the event in my life."

With an ever-growing fanbase single by single she is certainly on the rise, and you can join her rise too by following her on the social channels and Spotify.