Galaxy Thief returns with anthemic new cut, "Years"

The prolific Southampton-based band Galaxy Thief has returned with one of their best singles to date, "Years". The new single is the first since their October track "I Need You" was released and is a huge statement from the quartet.

The new cut is the first of a batch of five that the band is planning to drop throughout the year, and it comes off the back of a recording session with the amazing Michael Smith (of RYP Recordings no less!). 
... jump on this bandwagon now before everyone else does!

"Years" opens up with a great vocal-hook and some soft piano lines that reminded me instantly of the likes of Embrace and Coldplay. In fact the song is so anthemic it feels like it would not be out of place being sun by Chris Martin and co. In terms of anthemic-rock goes this is up there with some of the finest tracks out there in the world at the moment.

The drive in the chorus almost confirms it for me, and is now setting the tone for the rest of the year - we can see them going above and beyond this year, so jump on this bandwagon now before everyone else does!