Georg Óskar releases video for new single, "Late Night Good Night"

Hailing from Oslo, Norway is psychadelic singer-songwriter Georg Óskar with the video for his new single, "Late Night Good Night". The single is lifted from his recently released debut album "Worst Wait of Our Life", and the seven-strong release is a collection of thick, synthy take on psychadelic music with some experimental sounds thrown in for good measure.

Dark and slightly psychadelic, we love it.

The visuals for the lead song from the LP is "Late Night Good Night" is synth heavy with some downtempo beats that can get you all loose and relaxed within moments. Vocally commanding with dark tones surrounding it the video really compliments the uniqueness with an 80s tinted, almost VHS looking video which adds to the whole atmosphere surrounding the single.

The video is pretty trippy, so be sure to be in the right mind to check it out - but none-the-less it's a fantastic video that compliments the track perfectly.