Jaw Talk shares stunning new single, "Wasted Days"

Jaw Talk are a band that is riding high on a wave of constant optimism, they always seem to be releasing big tracks and their new offering is no different. "Wasted Days" is the latest cut and is the first since their 2022 effort "Don't Ask Why" which came out just over a month ago.

It's the sort of track you'd be humming back before it's over, it's that good!

The new single adds yet another string to their bow, it opens up with a slightly charismatic sliding guitar and some Americana-tinted tones. Vocally it's incredibly soulful and will easily entice you in for a sing-along, especially in the chorus when the track is at it's peak.

It honestly sounds like a blend of the British band Manic Street Preachers mixed with Americana, the way it's been made sounds to familiar to me, which we just love as I found myself humming it back by the time the track finished.