Josh Long reveals vibrant new single, "Tidal Wave"

Today sees the release of Josh Long's charming new single, "Tidal Wave". The track is the Californian singer-songwriter's third release since he started dropping tunes back in 2022.

"Tidal Wave" is a collection of genres if you ask me, from the start you have organic folk percussion before the jangly guitar comes in, it's a bit The Smiths and then it turns into something like Dire Straights with some smooth horns.
"Tidal Wave" is just pure funk, soulful and vibrant!

What Josh has done here is infuse multiple genres that usually have no right being in the same song and has made it work perfectly. If you could sum it up I'd say it's an ode to the music scene of the 1970s in the USA. It's shimmering, addictive and borderline funky.

Josh Long is one of those artists who just surprises you on the first listen, and in turn will make you a fan of his by the end! Be sure to follow him on the socials, I already can't wait for more tracks to drop.