Lethia's Natorium shares dreamy new track, "Inner Child (Vinny's Version)"

Lethia's Natorium recently has released her new single, "Inner Child (Vinny's Version)". The new offering from the London singer-songwriter is actually a re-release/alternative version of a track from her latest album "Tenant".

Considering that Lethia's Natorium has been releasing music since March 2022 - with her debut single"Lullaby" - the backing from her fans and listeners has helped her rise to where she is now.

Dreamy and ambient mixed with some powerful and direct vocals.

"Inner Child" on the album is a sassy prog-rock sounding track, with some added glam-rock tones to give it that extra punch, but the new version that's been released as of late is more relaxing. Vocally still much like before but the new version has more of a dream-pop approach with stripped back instrumentation and an ever present guitar-line that really hooked me in.

The new  cut is lifted from Lethia's Natorium's forthcoming EP, "Inner Child - Remixes and then Some", due out next month. But I tell you what, if her new tunes are more chilled out this like this version she might just be onto a winner of a formula here with her impressive vocal tones mixed with the lulling smooth dream-pop sounds.