littleuniverses releases strong new offering, "Magic"

Oh Canada, you have so much great talent within your borders, and here comes another fantastic musician. Going by the name of littleuniverses this a solo project with lots of potential. The track was released just this Friday gone and it has already struck  chord with us. 

The new single is her first since the release of "Sword" back in October of 2022 and acts as a teaser for her self-titled debut album - due to drop on the 10th of February 2023.

Simply stunning dark folk-pop.

The new single is one of her strongest yet, with a folk-lead guitar that opens the song up there's a feeling of calmness with the keyboards twinkling away with what seems like a Spanish guitar or harp flowing directly through it all.

Vocally this is a fantastic song with gorgeous poetry-style lyrics, and to top it off it has plenty of emotion behind it. If you're after some dark and emotive folk inspired mushc then do be sure to hit up littleuniverseson Spotify as when the album drops I'm sure it'll be amazing!