micahsota unveils debut single, "PICTURE IN MY POCKET"

Hailing from Denver in Colorado is micahsota and recently he has unveiled his dreamy and slick debut single, "PICTURE IN MY POCKET". The 28 year old producer has been drumming for several years and recently Micah has decided to start a project of his own, and the result is this sugary tune.

Sun-kissed and sugary, a fantastic debut single!

No doubt that the drums on this tune are slick, but the production values are top notch too. This single reminds me of Glass Animals with the vocal approach, use of RnB tones and the tickles of electronics doing dances in your ears. 

Having grown an audience organically via Instagram he's looking to push beyond that, and with this song being his debut I'm sure he will get plenty of new fans, it's slick, smooth and full of vibes that'll give you images of sunshine. 

Speaking about the track he mentions - " ... "PICTURE IN MY POCKET" is a song I wrote and produced for all my beautiful friends. It's a sunny, chill, indie electronic love song." He goes on to mention there's plenty more tunes to still be released, so be sure to like the song on Spotify to stay in the loop!