Mild Monk shares sugary new track, "Don't Wait"

Hailing from sunny San Jose in California is Mild Monk (known otherwise as Henry), and in the last couple of weeks they've dropped their incredibly sugary new single. "Don't Wait" is lifted from their brand new EP-come-album "Back to Earth" and certainly gives me warm dream-pop vibes right from the get-go.
Vibrant retro-tinted dream-pop.

The sugary guitar line basically waves at you bringing you in closer, it's dreamy, fuzzy and laced with retro synths that any gamer from the 1990s will love. It's the slight 8-bit tones that made it for us, and blended in with squelchy percussion and basslines it really comes together.

Vocally it's dreamy and borderline surf, I guess it's the Californian sun mixed with his influences/. Speaking about the song he says - " ... "Don't Wait" is sort of my pump up song / mantra to not feel held back by societal or social expectations and norms. In the process of finding the sounds I wanted to use for this EP, I encountered so much imposter syndrome and feelings of doubt that I wasn't good enough or I wasn't ready to be the artist / musician I imagined in my mind. I wanted to take this frustration and throw it into a song that feels playful and groovy as if the solution is just to take myself less seriously and treat the whole creative process like a game."

With success on Spotify and within his local scene already we feel like he can be an even bigger deal than he already is, so if you loved this track be sure to check his new EP out!