Moonlight Saints shares big new track, "Bottom Again"

Moonlight Saints has recently dropped their slick new single, "Bottom Again". I say new but in reality it's their debut release - well on Spotify at least.

Regardless of this is new or not the track still slaps hard like you've been told off my a parent. The drums are feriocous from the get-go and are backed up with some 90s flavoured guitar-tones, which really brings back the nostalgia for me.

... any hard-rock fan no-matter their age will love "Bottom Again" - it's got that sort of vibe.

The band who hails from a small city called Brookfield in Massachusetts, USA has been really making a lot of noise in the local scene as of late, and now this cut is out there we can see why! The track is dominated with big guitars and sublime solos that any hard-rock fan no-matter their age will love "Bottom Again".