NOVACUB shares new single, "This Is Forever" with Bloc Party's Russell Lissack on guitar

Hailing from London NOVACUB have been around for a few years now, but as of late this has turned into Louise Bartle's solo-project - with other artists joining her with collaborations here and there.
The latest offering features Bloc Party's Russell Lissack on guitar duty - fun fact, Louise is also the drummer for Bloc Party and Russell was a part of her band before she went solo.

It's a fantastically tender song showcasing her vocals perfectly, crisp percussion and of course the signature tones of Mr Lissack's guitars.

Speaking about the track Louise mentions - "This is about allowing yourself to catch feelings for someone and committing to them forever. It’s about realising that what you have is serious and you can see it all with that one person. I always imagine a couple getting married when I hear it now! I’d say it’s a cute love song that is gentle and intimate. I wrote it during the pandemic about my partner. She’s great. Made it with Russell who is also in Bloc Party and recorded from it both of our homes!"

This is now the fifth single of the project since Louise has gone solo, and with the fans staying I'm sure that this will become more than just a side/solo project.