Ryan Thomas Smelle releases new single, "Shame Shame"

2022 saw Ryan Thomas Smelle release his debut album "In The Homestretch" to great success, and the latest single to be given the single treatment is track 13 - lucky for some -  "Shame Shame".

Coming at a perfect two minutes flat the single is wrapped with warmth, as you might be able to tell from his vocal tones. In-fact it's Ryan's vocals that are the prominent feature here as you can hear the tenderness in his voice, with a slight quiver to give it that raw and emotive feel.

"Shame Shame" is honest, emotive and raw - just stunning.

Instrumentally it's rather simple, clean and crisp acoustic guitars helps to push the folk tones home and will ultimately leaving you wanting more. Now, with more tunes on the album you have to head over and give it a spin if you love what you've heard so far.

With an ever growing fan-base I'm sure this Canadian singer-songwriter will be working his way into more people's hearts in the coming weeks, months and years.