Wells releases their debut single, "Lonely"

Coming out of sunny California is a new duo who are hoping to win over the hearts of any alt-pop fan willing to give them a chance. Wells are based out of Los Angeles and their debut single, for me at least, has it all. You've got a hazy guitar and equally as hazy vocals rolling over the first few seconds of the song before it gives way to a moody bassline.

All self-recorded and produced the duo are on course for big things!

The backing drumbeat is the type that'll get your body parts moving with the beat, and when the track heads into the latter half it evolves a bit more into something that fans of Easy Life would love. It's very alternative, perhaps straddling into the realms of hip-hop with the style of beats and combination of guitar licks.

The duo is planning to drop a new song every six weeks in 2023, so if you like this then they're going to be giving you some more solid tunes in the not-too-distant future.