CeCe shares striking new single, "Problems"

With clear over 700k plays on Spotify from her first two singles it's safe to say that when "Problems" dropped CeCe's fanbase was going to love it.

"Problems" is more of the same that has got her where she is today. It's filled with strong vocals and relatable lyrics backed up by a blend of sub-genres of rock, everything from anthemic guitars to acoustic are heard here, and with the driving drumbeat the song really takes on a soul of its own.

 fall in love with one of the best rising stars in the American music scene.

Speaking about the song CeCe says - This song was written to get revenge for a friend who was brutally cheated on by their fiancĂ©. It is the ultimate “F*#@ YOU FOR CHEATING ON ME” record. This song gives anyone whose ever been betrayed by someone they love an outlet to be as petty and spiteful"

Now with close to a million streams CeCe is on the way to becoming one of the biggest superstars in the world, let alone just in her native California, so head down below and fall in love with one of the best-rising stars in the American music scene.