Civil Wray reveals new single, "Sparkle"

Civil Wray has recently revealed their brand new single, "Sparkle", which is the first single to be released since 2017's album "Civil Wray". Civil Wray is the solo project of singer-songwriter  Andrea de Boer and since releasing the track new offering has already jumped to the top of her 'most popular' songs on Spotify, and for good reason too.

"Sparkle" is simply majestic and huge!

"Sparkle" is simply majestic and huge, the glistening chimes of electronics flow all over the track - almost giving it that extra sparkle. Vocally it's soothing and captivating with the ethereal tones offering the listener some much needed chillout vibes, as this world feels as mad as ever.

The new single is the first lifted from her forthcoming (as-yet-untitled) EP, so if you like what you hear there's plenty more of it coming soon!