Connor Kirk drops new tune, "Strangers on a Train"

Hailing from Philadelphia in the USA - where I hear it's always sunny - singer-songwriter Connor Kirk recently dropped his soulful and slightly psychedelic new tune, "Strangers on a Train".

The new offering is the first since his 2022 single "Dancing with the Dogs", and it also see's him kick his sound into overdrive. "Strangers on a Train" is a captivating song with some soulful vocals, much like The Last Shadow Puppets.

Combine the vocal hooks with some sizzling synth tones, crisp percussion and smooth guitars and what you end up is a recipe for a fantastic track that'll hook you in. The effects on the guitars and the other instruments are somewhat hazy, giving the track this underlying psych-pop feel, but not straddling too far away from his alt-pop sound found in his his other singles Hunger City" and "Dancing with the Dogs".

If you want a fantastic new singer-songwriter with some captivating vocal hooks and sizzlingly sexy instrumentation then be sure to hit up Connor Kirk