Elohyek unveils their brand new single, "What's the Use?"

Hailing from Charleston in the USA is Elohyek, and yesterday saw the band unveil their brand new single, "What's the Use?". The new single is their second release in as many months, following hotly on "Judy".

The band is relatively fresh on the scene, having only released their debut album, "Phantom Limbs", back in March of 2022, however, since then, they have gone on to find themselves in a plethora of playlists on Spotify!

A smooth blend of moody shoegaze, grunge tones, and deep vocals that easily grabs your attention and grips you right until the end.

"What's the Use" carries on the band's sound and makes good use of those thick and syrupy guitar tones that we heard on their previous tracks. Vocally it's just as grungy as the stuff before, but with a slower tempo, we are hearing more rawness from the outfit. 

I guess it's the blend of shoegaze guitars, grunge basslines, and smooth rock vocals that brings this track together. If this is the first track you heard from the band you'd expect them bands quite high on festival billings - and if they keep up this quality of music I'm sure they'll be there someday too!