KIN TALA unveils warm and stunning new single, "everything & all"

KIN TALA today returns with their first single since September 2022, titled "everything & all" it's a fantastic return to form for the Blackpool-based duo. The dreamy new offering is simply sensational, and if you ask me it's not long enough - we would love an extended version of this to sink into when we're at home on and chill for hours on end.

It's the sort of dream-pop track that you can sink into and feel at ease.

"everything & all" is opened up with some dreamy and yet distanced guitar tones with warm vocals caressing it like a warm towel in the depth of winter. Soon as the guitar comes to the forefront of the track it becomes dreamy and laced with shimmering vibes.

The sound this duo has created is something they can be truly proud of, it's dreamy, atmospheric, and just soars above the treetops (and beyond). The track double's up as the lead single from their upcoming EP - "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost."