OTTO drops powerful debut single, "SIGNS"

London-based OTTO today has dropped his powerful new single, "SIGNS", with the latest track being his debut! Having been born in Italy, OTTO grew up in Milan before heading to the UK to enroll in the Institute of Contemporary Music in London, and it seems like it was well worth the move as we now have "SIGNS".

what an epic debut track is certainly is!

The song opens with some twinkling keys before quickly after piano keys follow, and it's here you feel how the track is going to go. Vocally it's strong with soft tones rolling over the track, and as it develops shimmering guitars also enter the fold and the track starts to become one. 

The chorus is fantastic, as the tumbling drums roll in and those ever-present keys intertwine. The track is just over three minutes long, but thanks to the calm and relaxing vibe of the track you feel like you've been on an epic journey, and what an epic debut track is certainly is!