Pixia shares her cinematic new single, "Habits"

The gorgeous new track "Habits" by London-based singer-songwriter Pixia has just been published. The new single, which is her sixth overall single release, is another song about which she can be immensely proud and which will help her advance in her career.

"Habits" feels as if it's been written for Hollywood, be sure to check out Pixia's music before the world does!

With well over 500,000 listens on Spotify alone, it is obvious that her followers keep coming back for her really magnificent vocals. With its gentle piano beginning and honest emotion, "Habits" is a charming track right off the bat.

Vocally she could quite easily be the best in the world, and for me, she reminds me a lot of Of Monsters and Men's Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, very soft yet direct and captivating. With soaring instruments woven throughout, "Habits" has the musical sensation of being written for a film montage. It is immensely uplifting.