Saint Nothing drops new single, "I Couldn't Bring Myself To Say"

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Saint Nothing today has dropped his epic new single, "I Couldn't Bring Myself To Say". "I Couldn't Bring Myself To Say" is Saint Nothing's first release since 2021's "Circles", but my goodness it sounds worth the wait.

Dark, moody and emotive, "I Couldn't Bring Myself To Say" has it all!

Born in Glasgow the singer-songwriter has provided us with an incredibly cinematic track, so cinematic I can easily see it as a backdrop for a montage of someone's 'origin story' for example. The dark nature of the track is fantastic, and the whole production value of the track is stunning, with everything so perfectly in it's place.

Speaking about the release Saint Nothing says - "I talk openly and honestly about mental health and where that can lead where as other people shy away from it and want to create a safe space where people can openly be themselves and feel any emotion they need in that moment."

Vocally it's just as brooding as you think it would be, as the title suggests it's a sad and dark affair, but with the post-punk guitars coming in around the mid-way point more meat is added to the track. It's towards the latter third the track comes alive for me, everything from the past two or so minutes come together to form a track that Saint Nothing can be proud of.